Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect

Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect is designed for all high-pressure diesel systems and direct injection such as Common-Rail, pump-injector etc. developed and designed for the specific requirements of high-tech products of the latest generation. Removes reliably and sustainably smallest particles of contamination in the whole system. Ensures optimum atomization and effect of the diesel fuel and ensures lubrication of the entire system, in particular the high-pressure pump. Ruined water drops in diesel fuel and absorbs combustion disturbing moisture. Especially recommended for Longlife Service intervals. Suitable for soot particle filters.

– reliably removes even the smallest particles of contamination from the entire system
– ensures optimum atomization and fuel efficiency
– guarantees total lubrication of the entire system especially in the high pressure fuel pump
– eliminates water droplets in the fuel and absorbs harmful moisture

Suitable for all diesel powered engines with either common rail or pump-injector systems. Recommended for engines with turbo, catalytic converter or particle filter.