Cetane Booster

Cetane Booster increases the cetane number of the diesel fuel of up to 5 points. The product is the best for diesel fuel of lower quality. It reduces the “engine knocking”, produces an even and powerful combustion, reduces soot and prevents overheating that is due to the low cetane number auf the diesel fuel.



Product Description

Your benefits:
clean and powerful combustion
considerable reduction of smoke and soot formation
optimized emissions
optimum engine performance and remarkably reduced fuel consumption
improved lubrication during cold star
extended life span of injection units
guarantees reliable operation of catalytic converters with extended service life

Application fields:
For all diesel engines. Recommended for engines with turbo and catalytic converter. Optimized for usage in vehicles with particle filter.

Add PRO-TEC Diesel System Super Clean at every service interval. For optimal cleaning results use PRO-TEC cleaning equipment. This product is for professional use only.
Consumption: 375 ml sufficient for up to 80 litres diesel.
Sensitive to frost: no